Baeltor lvl 44 Warrior

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Baeltor lvl 44 Warrior Empty Baeltor lvl 44 Warrior

Post by Frostfirev3 on Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:03 pm

- Name:
My irl name is Federico and my ingame name is Baeltor [as you can guess from the title!]

- Age
I'm 22.

- Location
I'm from Italy so pizza pasta mandolino etc.

- Class and specc
I'm a Warrior and i like the dps role so i think i'll be going with Fury spec.

- General gaming/WoW background
WoW has been my first pc game and i started when tbc was ending, did pretty much all the Wotlk raids except for Ulduar [So pretty much i missed the best one.] and did the initial part of Cataclysm.
I came back to WoW in Pandaria but the game was not appealing anymore and just did some pvp with some friends, then i decided to try vanilla cause i've always been fascinated by it. [also i love grinding]
Other than WoW i played League of Legends for the first 3 seasons but then the game became shit and it was kinda easy so decided to play Dota2 and Path of Exile instead.

- Plans, if you get accepted
All the vanilla raids are new for me so my intention is to play them and also i'd like to try the pvp out, pretty much everything the game has to offer! Also it may sound dumb but i like making friends online, i
have some of my best childhood memories with people i met on WoW!


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Baeltor lvl 44 Warrior Empty Re: Baeltor lvl 44 Warrior

Post by pingaan on Tue Feb 28, 2017 4:52 pm

I've played with you in a few instances and you've played well. I'm going to talk it over with the officers.
I'll contact you via PM.


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