Enchants, pre BiS gear and you

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Enchants, pre BiS gear and you

Post by Omni on Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:56 pm

As we still are not doing quite the raids I want yet I feel we need to be a bit tougher on gear and pre raid bis gear.

Some of you are doing great farmning but some I feel are mostly waiting for MC loot. I'm a little bit behind due to a char swap but I've managed to get 4 pre raid bis items in a week.

About the enchants, we all really need to enchant our pre bis raid gear aswell as the bis gear.

Accepted enchants are:

Head: Healing +8 (+150 mana ok for pre raid bis)
Back: Fire res +7 or All res +5
Chest: +4 all stats or +100 mana
Bracers: +7 int or +9 spirit
Legs: Healing +8 (+150 mana ok for pre raid bis)
Boots: Minor run speed

Thats not to much to ask for.

If we all put some effords into enchants aswell as getting our last pre raid bis items its gonna make a huge difference!


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