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[ACCEPTED] Hunter Application Empty [ACCEPTED] Hunter Application

Post by Supremepleb on Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:42 pm

- Name: Peter
- Age: 30
- Location: Germany
- Class and specc: Hunter 2/31/18 for now (still missing 2%hit)
- General gaming/WoW background:
  I started in classic but never saw a raid from inside during classic, as I was a noob and did not even know what raiding was. Started raiding in BC, did not manage to kill jaeden though, paused during WotLK, started
  playing in Cata again, which continued up until the first patch of MoP, then I stopped for good. In January I got a severe cold during my vacation, and as it was too cold outside to leave the house, I started playing
  wow again, I stuck around and played the auction house mostly. I always thought about starting raiding, but never found a guild with raiding times that fit my needs, then i saw "Pantzers" "add", when I was about to
  post some auctions ...
- Plans, if you get accepted:
 I want to see all the raids Smile


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