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[DECLINED] Tovok - 58 Warlock Empty [DECLINED] Tovok - 58 Warlock

Post by Tovok on Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:42 pm

- Name

- Age

- Location

- Class and specc
Warlock currently 30/19/0 for leveling, but planning to change to SM/Ruin for dungeons at 60.

- General gaming/WoW background
I started playing WoW May 2005, during which I leveled up two warriors to 60.
On my first warrior I had no idea what I was doing, playing as arms doing a mix of casual PvP and raiding, getting to Legionnaire and a few bosses in ZG/MC until i made a second warrior on a different realm.
On my second warrior I knew what I was doing and took raiding more seriously, playing as fury and getting Legionnaire again and raiding up to the twin emps in AQ40.
After Vanilla I started playing less, quitting then coming back repeatedly. During TBC I only did Karazahn/Gruul, in WotLK I started raiding a bit more and did EoE/Sarth 3D/Naxx/Ulduar.
Since then I've tried all the expansions but didn't get into any of them much.

- Plans, if you get accepted
Finish leveling to 60 today or tomorrow, then doing dungeons with the guild to get BiS for raids and getting to know people. Hopefully 1.5 is soon and we can have some fun in AV. Very Happy


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[DECLINED] Tovok - 58 Warlock Empty Re: [DECLINED] Tovok - 58 Warlock

Post by Pantzer on Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:48 pm

Sorry dude. Full on locks, added you to friends for future spots.


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