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[ACCEPTED] Rogue Application Empty [ACCEPTED] Rogue Application

Post by Pugz on Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:41 am

Name: James
Character Name: Pugz
Age: 27
Location: UK
Class & Spec: Combat Swords - read up on most effective specs for maximum DPS outputs and aware of spec progression and changes between MC, BWL --> AQ40, & Naxx
General Gaming / WoW Background: I'm a true oldschool vanilla WoW veteran. Happened to be in USA when WoW released (USA release was before EU), bought on release for $50 and leveled a Hunter to 60 and did some raiding before I realized I'd made a huge mistake. Couldn't raid until 5am because I was but a young dweeb that had school at 9am. Bought EU WoW and crushed my soul grinding to 60 yet again with a rogue and joined the top horde guild on my server at the time. Played pretty hardcore at the time and we managed most server firsts. Completed MC, BWL, AQ40, and several bosses in Naxx but Naxx was just stupid hard. Spent so long being one of the best geared rogues on the server that when TBC came, felt like the months of work and gearing had suddenly been made redundant and was kind of a final nail in the coffin that made me stop playing. I also decided WoW was dominating my life at the time and I needed to get away and needed to focus on my education and life. So I'm a vanilla only guy, but I've a lot relevant experience. Smile
Outside of WoW, my main other gaming favorite by a long way is Rocket League. Have consistently been a top 5% player, top 1% this season so I'm not too shabby, and would love to get to know some other guild members that play it in spare time.
Plans if accepted: Farm for BiS Gear for PvE CS spec. Find out what I can do to help the guild - what can I farm? Try and dedicate a certain amount of time to that. Get to know people in the guild. Recount the story in guild chat of how I accidentally messaged Pantzer at about level 12 inquiring about joining an entirely different guild, then after a quick chat being told to message him again at 60, then grinding to 60 and being given the shot. Wink


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[ACCEPTED] Rogue Application Empty Re: [ACCEPTED] Rogue Application

Post by pingaan on Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:10 pm

Hi James,

Thanks for applying. Well written! Please contact either one of the officers ingame.


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