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[ACCEPTED] Application Warrior  Empty [ACCEPTED] Application Warrior

Post by Mendred on Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:37 am

My Chars Name is Mendred,in Rl they call me Andy.



Warrior,will be Prot in the Future(Fury if needet)

WoW Background:
I started playing Vanilla on Aman'thul,been with the Progress Guild Celestial Dawn.
We've Progressed to the 4H in Naxx(Most of all Bosses Server First)
Then TBC came where we cleared the whole Content,Kil'jaeden on the 26.08.2008(Most Server First,too)
Wotlk was cleared fast too.(few Server Firsts).
This Expension was the *turning Point* for me,WoW became to easy.
Played Cata a few Months,but I couldn't get the feeling back I've lost with Wotlk. My Retail Time was over.
A few Privat Servers later,I landet on the Nost/Elysium Servers.
Im Searching for a Guild to Progress through the Vanilla Content,and your's seems like the right one for me!

-Plans,if you get accepted:
I would play my Warrior up as fast as possible(what im doing right now anyways,but I just started out on Elysium)
to join the Raid-Roster and progress through the Content as a Guild!
(But first,leveling,Bis Gear farming and other neccesary things. Won't take to much Time!)

Hope to here from you soon



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[ACCEPTED] Application Warrior  Empty Re: [ACCEPTED] Application Warrior

Post by pingaan on Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:32 pm

Hi Andy,
Well written. Poke either one of the officers for a guild invite.


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