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Post by Necromance on Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:30 am

My reallife name is Filip and i play an undead warlock called Necromance

- Age
28 Years old

- Location
Belgrade, Serbia

- Class and specc
Undead warlock and atm i play what ever u need me 2 play spec for PvE Very Happy.

- General gaming/WoW background
Played wow since 2004 untill legion ( left it ) and i love vanilla content. iv been raiding all mc ony bwl and aq 20 back in the dayes, also did it again on Nostalrious with a shaman healer ( mc ony and bwl). after tbc did mostly pvp without ane pve content.
- Plans, if you get accepted
If i get accepter i would like to percipitate to all raids ( apart when im on holiday) and do end game content with progress, will farm to get BIS gear and my epic mount before those raids. atm got tailoring and enchanting and will max it up when i reach 60. Very friendly and willing to help when needed

Hope to hear from you! Thanks for reading.



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[ACCEPTED] application Empty Re: [ACCEPTED] application

Post by mnz on Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:57 pm

Hey Filip. Welcome aboard. Just message Mnz / Mnx ingame


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