[ACCEPTED] Application - Uknowit , warlock

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[ACCEPTED] Application - Uknowit , warlock Empty [ACCEPTED] Application - Uknowit , warlock

Post by Uknowit on Tue May 09, 2017 3:38 pm

Name Uknowit
My reallife name is Mikkel and i play an undead warlock called Uknowit

- Age
37 Years old whit wife and kids

- Location
Frederiksværk, Denmark

- Class and spec
Undead warlock 7/21/23

- General gaming/WoW background
I've been playing wow since early beta
i come from sylvanas server been top Warrior EU played whit Method/Relog/Nemesis(pvp marshal)
i have tanked and been fury for ALL bosses in vanilla played till legion and stopped now i play warlock in vanilla think its a great class know my way afrund
enchanting 300 engineer 260 firstaid 300 cooking 300

use Ts3 and Discord
have working mic
speak English

- Plans, if you get accepted
im almost at BiS if i get accepted, help the guild raiding and meet some new ppl on server
Also got all attunements done.

Hope to hear from you!

regards Mikkel


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