[ACCEPTED]Yaamanshaman-resto shaman 56

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[ACCEPTED]Yaamanshaman-resto shaman 56 Empty [ACCEPTED]Yaamanshaman-resto shaman 56

Post by Yaaman on Tue May 09, 2017 7:09 pm

- Name

My real name is Adrian and i play a shaman named Yaamanshaman

- Age

I am currently 20 years old

- Location

I live in a small town called Växjö in Sweden

- Class and specc

Shaman-Restoration currently 0-05-42

- General gaming/WoW background

Been playing WoW since wotlk release, on and off between the expansions. Raided alot in Wotlk (icc hc) thoe none from vanilla but 110% willing to learn. I consider myself as a skilled player that knows how to play my class but always looking for more ways to improve.

- Plans, if you get accepted

Do some dungeon runs with guildies for gear and hopefully raid once i get max level


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