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Post by fatnfly¸¸123 on Fri May 12, 2017 7:59 pm

wall of text incoming (hope not)

Ok guys today, I was in dungeon with panzer, andreasftl and cant remember the third guy, at stratholme.

On the entrance I said: I m noob, please dont be hursh on me if I make a mistake and the answer was:" ok as long as you do what we tell you" or something like that. And I did do what they told me, and after couple of my questions I was asked "not to ask that much" so I decided to be silent.

Couple of minutes after i m getting information that I will be kicked cause I dont know my hero and I bought account (I wish I had so much money that I can spent on buying accounts at FREE server but w/e) even tho I did something I do rarely especially in games I swear on my child that I did not bought it, they decided to kick me from party and someone (i think some of them, andreas said he did not) kicked me from guild to.

I dont mind beeing kicked from party, and from guild to if you are that serious guild, I m newb I have even said that rusfriend when we talked after blainger asked me to talk with rusfriend about joining your guild, I have also told him, that I m willing to learn, to participate in raids, dungeons, pvps or whatever else I can help with.

I just felt that I need to explain to some of you guys, some of you who thinks that I bought my account that I did not do that, also as I said you can ask blainger that I was lvling up with him last 10 lvls or something cant remember, I have said couple of times that I m noob, even i guild  chat you could ralize that after some of my questions.

I wanted to learn, but I guess some of you does not have patience to help someone who is new to this.

Also I v lvled up in played time 15 days 23 hours equals 16 days 16x24=384 hours, so 384 hours of sweat, blood and nervs (and less of sex Very Happy made my wife angry >.<) so one more time someone tell me i bought my account after getting rekt by alliance assholes so many times in 60 lvls will come to his home and punch him in the face Razz.

Anyhow, good luck guys, wish you all the best.




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Post by Pantzer on Fri May 12, 2017 8:28 pm

Blainger just confirmed to me in-game that you did only play your character from 56-60. You have no experience in WoW whatsoever.

As i told you in-game, you're no way near ready to raid. You do not even know which items or spells to use. Sorry for wasting your time.


I kicked you from the guild


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Post by fatnfly1 on Fri May 12, 2017 9:21 pm

Pantzer wrote: You have no experience in WoW whatsoever.

As I stated it couple of times ago, even today in party chat, and someone even asked me something like "how do you like your vanilla expirience".

Now since I am 37y old, and I do work as sales representative, I will give you free advice, since you taking this to serious, you should have done next:

w8 for dungeon to ends, go to first mailbox, write me a note with the sentence you just used:

Pantzer wrote: you're no way near ready to raid. You do not even know which items or spells to use. Sorry for wasting your time.

and then kick me from guild.

if you are taking the guild seriously then you should act as professional officer.

just that.

no offense taken, and u did not wasted my time, obviously I did yours.

peace out.


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Post by pingaan on Fri May 12, 2017 10:01 pm

Hi Fatnfly,

Too bad you failed to meet our expectations.

I might be able clear things out:
When you tell the group that you are a noob, I don't think they take it as deeply as you meant it. Telling someone that you are a noob and no more, the group will still have expectations to that you at least know "how to play your class", and even being an initiate of Recipe for Hate, raises further expectations. Being a noob and have never tried that specific instance is another thing.
If you read the recruitment post on the Elysium forums, you would know that most in this guild has played since launch 13 years ago.
Since you managed to get recruited as an initiate I, personally, would excpect no less.

I'm sorry for any misunderstandings there has been. Either way you are not experienced enough to fill out a spot in our raids. Get more experience; dungeons, raids, PvP, thorycrafting etc, then maybe you have a chance at joining our guild. I'm sure you would like it, you seemed like a decent person!

I wish you the best of luck on Elysium, it's a HUGE game to explore!


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