[ACCEPTED] Luchador frost mage - Andreaslffs Resto druid

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[ACCEPTED] Luchador frost mage - Andreaslffs Resto druid

Post by Luchador - Andreas on Tue May 02, 2017 4:57 pm

- Name: Luchador, Juha
- Age: 28
- Location: Finland
- Class and specc: Frost mage
- General gaming/WoW background: Played in this guild called "Theocracy" (found in wowwiki.wikia) up for the Karazhan era, before i had to quit the game. Played AQ40 up to C'thun and cleared some bosses in Naxx and in TBC i raided Karazhan a bit. Been playing Vanilla on another privateserver (TheRebirth) aswell clearing MC and ZG.


- Name: Andreaslffs, Andreas
- Age: 35
- Location: Sweden
- Class and specc: Resto druid
- General gaming/WoW background: Retail raiding-casual raiding (from TBC)/pvping/grinding in general.

- Plans, if we get accepted: Our plan is to get 60 asap (55-56lvl.) We are both very active players, so it's not going to take us too long. We're applying to help the guild progress through the endgame content and help guildmates along the way to reach our goal.

Luchador - Andreas

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Re: [ACCEPTED] Luchador frost mage - Andreaslffs Resto druid

Post by Pantzer on Tue May 02, 2017 9:04 pm

Hi Andreas & Juha

PM me ingame and we'll have a chat!


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