[ACCEPTED] Application -- Balm Holy Priest lvl 60

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[ACCEPTED] Application -- Balm Holy Priest lvl 60

Post by Balm on Sun May 07, 2017 10:27 pm

My name is John.
I am old. Very old. Perhaps best to keep this as something to guess during a slack raid if I am accepted.
I live near Cardiff, UK.
Holy Priest 21/30/0 (293 tailor, 300 skinner).
I started Wow August 2005. I took my mage through raids all the way to mid Cataclysm. In vanilla my guild beat Twins in AQ40 and one or two bosses in Naxx before TBC hit. I stopped mid Cataclysm when my guild went to 10 man raids, and haven't logged into retail since.
I have played Lotro, GW2 and Eve online too.

Sort term plans -- to get preraid gear and attunements, and help guildies in a similar position do likewise. I really prefer guild runs to pugs. Balm has 9 hours played at lvl 60. Gaining experience healing in parties and raids is clearly an immediate challenge. Raising tailoring to 300 and making truefaith vestments is one clear set of early targets.
Long term plans -- to enjoy raids through to Naxx in due course as healer. I'll also level an alt or two. In the first case to give an income source. I have mage, rogue, druid and hunter between 20 and 40 currently.


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Re: [ACCEPTED] Application -- Balm Holy Priest lvl 60

Post by Rusfriend on Mon May 08, 2017 1:00 am

welcome m8, screw age! all we gonna age somehow

/w Rusfriend /w Bigomni /w Morgoths /w Pantzer /w Pingaan in game


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