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Post by pingaan on Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:15 pm

Hi newcomer!

Recruitment status:

Druid: Open
Hunter: Closed
Mage: Open
Priest: Open
Rogue: Closed
Shaman: Open
Warlock: Closed
Warrior: Closed

Despite what the status above says we always accept exceptional players.

There's no need for any thorough applications. PM to Josilia, Pantzer or me.
Use this template:

Personal Information
Your real life name (first name is enough):
What kind of person are you ?:

Character Information
Character name:
Race and class:
Current level:
Primary raiding spec: (use
Gear, are you close to your preraid BiS ?
Attunements (MC, Onyxia and BWL):
Are there any addons which you use that you would like to mention:
Please post a screenshot from your user interface: (use preferably)


Class/Raiding experience:
Current/previous guilds you want to mention:
Why do you want to join us:
Why would we invite you over other people:
Your experience in retail:
Where do you see yourself in 6 months from now wow-related:


Raiding Information
We raid on Wednesday, Sunday. A third day will be added with ZG patch.
Raidinvites starts at 19:30 and the raids end at 23:00 Server Time.
Are you able to attend all of these raids?

Consumables, what do you bring for progress/farm raids, be specific:
Microphone, do you have one and are you willing to use it? Not mandatory, but advised:

Good luck!

- pingaan

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