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[ACCEPTED] Balance druid Empty [ACCEPTED] Balance druid

Post by Degenkamp on Mon May 15, 2017 6:07 pm

- Name
my name is ''Dexter'' Degenkamp

- Age

- Location
Rotterdam - The netherlands

- Class and specc
Druid. (resto atm to get last bis parts for balance. then i'm going balance)

- General gaming/WoW background
i played wow since day 1, havent played alot in Cata, but started at mist again.
no i quited retail and only play this server.

- Plans, if you get accepted
to be a sick balance druid, like i whas when i whas  a kid Very Happy

i know how to play a balance druid in vanilla wow, it aint easy, but i like things that arent easy
i got my own company, but most of the time i can fit your raiding times
Pantzer sayd u guys can use a balance druid, so thats why i'm here.

hope u guys accept me. and maybe see u guys in the future.




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