[ACCEPTED] Alvarez (Rogue application)

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[ACCEPTED] Alvarez (Rogue application) Empty [ACCEPTED] Alvarez (Rogue application)

Post by Alvarez on Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:42 pm

- Name Alvarez
- Age 29
- Location Finland
- Class and specc Rogue - Will be playing Combat daggers or situational depending on content which we are clearing or progressing
- General gaming/WoW background Played since Asian Beta (retail), hardcore player, have cleared most of the content as Rogue, Hunter, Priest and later expansions when it became available also maintanking as DK and Druid. Played with top of the world people and ranked high, main retail guild is still in top 100-200 world.
- Plans, if you get accepted Always keep high attendance (close to 100%), friendly and helpful player, give all my knowledge into your hands, loyal to my guild if I am accepted, can play several classes, have most of them at lvl60 here on Elysium.

Something to note: Still leveling my rogue (lvl54 and half atm) so if this is a problem I can make another application when I hit 60.


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[ACCEPTED] Alvarez (Rogue application) Empty Re: [ACCEPTED] Alvarez (Rogue application)

Post by Pantzer on Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:47 pm

PM me or either of the officers in-game.


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