[DECLINED] Edgewise 60 Rogue (54 Warrior Alt)

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[DECLINED] Edgewise 60 Rogue (54 Warrior Alt) Empty [DECLINED] Edgewise 60 Rogue (54 Warrior Alt)

Post by mjmwy on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:09 pm

- My name is MJ, player name is Edgewise.

- 28 years old

- NA, Cleveland to be exact.

- Undead Rogue. Combat swords for PvE.
   -54 Warrior Alt. Likely Prot @60 if there is enough Guild activity for me to do so.

- I raided extensively in vanilla. I was 15 when wow was released and I played in the beta. I was the rogue officer of my guild, I was there for the first night of MC and also on our final night of AQ40 before TBC was released. I lead a handfull of MC raids and also AQ20 over the course of 2 years with the guild. I never made it into Naxx, but cleared up to Twin Emps in AQ40. I did mostly PvP/arena in Tbc and didnt raid much again until WotLK. In WotLK my guild had Server first Malygos/3d Sarth. I was playing a SPriest at that time. I didnt play much at all after wotlk.

Apart from WoW, I played in Counter-Strike leagues for a few years and got heavy into League of Legends and Rocket League.

- Raid and Get BiS. I'd like to PvP on one of my Characters, I am open to playing either class in PvE content.


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[DECLINED] Edgewise 60 Rogue (54 Warrior Alt) Empty Re: [DECLINED] Edgewise 60 Rogue (54 Warrior Alt)

Post by Pantzer on Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:17 am

Hi there!

Well written application and you seem a good fit, i am though afraid we are full on rogues at the moment and wont be able to give you a raid spot. I have added you to my friendlist, and will contact you in case we get a spot!


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